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The Ando Agency handles many types of insurance for the families in Jacksonville. The primary focus is Auto Insurance with exceptional coverage for teens, busy moms and dads and even for those tough to cover situations.

When you are looking for car insurance our office is here to help. We have the most courteous staff, attentive customer reps and we know our auto insurance policies inside – out.

As Jacksonville’s premier Auto Insurance agent we can help you with most situations including auto, truck, motorcycle and boat coverage.

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High Quality Coverage

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WARNING! Please take some time and compare coverage. (We offer this service for free)

Many new clients come to us with horror stories of “thinking” they were covered for some specific event  weather its an auto accident, injury accident, home disaster such as water damage, or storm damage, massive unexpected deductibles that were hidden. Friends, the list goes on and on. Please don’t find yourself in the middle of a nightmare just because you “thought” saving a few bucks was a good value.

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STRONG Policy Protection

A+ Superior Rated Insurance

Ratings exist for a reason. Just the same as “reviews” from real clients tell the story of an agency, regulated ratings for the insurance industry are present for your protection. Just as scores in school reflect the work, effort and good standing of a student, an A+ rating for an agency reflects the level of service, protection and client care YOU will need when an unfortunate tragedy strikes. Don’t fall prey to deceptive “marketing” and e commerce silliness. Your best decisions will be made by CALLING our office and SPEAKING live to a nice, non-pushy, friendly and knowledgeable agent.

Homeowners Protection

Homes – Business – Condominiums

In Jacksonville and Florida specifically, everything is changing with homeowners insurance. New catastrophic deductibles that may reach 10% of the value of a home, denial of claims due to improper care and maintenance by the homeowner, and even the inability to get any coverage due to prior history. Friends, homeowners and renters insurance is a serious matter and the ONLY way you can make an intelligent decision is by sitting down and comparing coverage and options with an experienced agent. Please feel free to call my office today and let’s get you covered.   

My Favorite Local Causes…

Downs Syndrom

The Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville is a nonprofit organization committed to helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full potential and to helping create a community that’s educated, supportive and inclusive of individuals with Down syndrome.

The Association helps over 1,500 individuals with their unique needs. The organization envisions a community where all people with Down syndrome are actively included, given opportunities to participate and contribute as valued citizens, and have the choice to create their own path to fulfillment and success. As a nonprofit, the DSAJ is fully funded through donations.

Our agency strongly supports the Association’s vision for a better community that’s inclusive of people with Down Syndrome. We invite you to join in our campaign to raise much-needed funds. Our Agency will donate $10 to DSAJ on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we’ll also add you to our quarterly drawing of $50 Gift Card.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!

Jacksonville Humane Society

Man’s Best Friend Needs A Home Esperanza (Spanish for Hope) was found under a tree, with no collar, no tags, no owner in sight and nearly starving to death. Only 15 pounds in weight, she was half the size she should have been. A Good Samaritan brought her in to the Jacksonville Humane Society. Esperanza was so weak she could not even wag her tail; it took several days for her to even move from her bed at the shelter’s medical ward. She received care from the JHS shelter medical staff until she was well enough to go to a foster home. Esperanza is just one story in the volume of more than 6,000 animals that will come to JHS this year. Unfortunately not all are as fortunate as Esperanza. Join us on our mission to make sure these beautiful creatures are cared for, and find a home sweet home. Our agency will donate $10 your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we’ll also add you to our quarterly drawing for a $50 Gift Card! Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!

Hubbard House Jacksonville

Clarence, like most kids, loved to make wishes of things he wanted. However, his wishes were not for a football or a new bike, they for his mom to be safe and to have a bed of his own. When Clarence arrived at the Hubbard House shelter with his mother, he felt a sense of happiness mixed with relief. Community Cause

Because Clarence’s mom made the life-saving decision to enter shelter, his first wish was instantly fulfilled. Finally, his mom was safe and so was he. His first night sleeping at the shelter, he discovered that his second wish had come true. Clarence was able to sleep in his own bed and he did not have to share it with anyone. Clarence was overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of having his own bed and a safe place to stay. Our hope for Clarence is that he will be able to transition from shelter into a home where these wishes can remain a reality. Like Clarence, we house many other children with the exact same wishes; to be in their own bed and in a safe home. Please help us make these wishes come true by assisting our families in securing a place to call home this holiday season.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!

** Special Help and Assistance for Battered Wives....

As the first domestic violence shelter established in the Southeast, Hubbard House is recognized for its leadership in providing programs, services and refuge for victims of domestic violence and their families. Hubbard House seeks to protect and empower victims and their children. We want to also let you know that as active Agents of Change we are committed to keeping our community members in good hands. If you or someone you know needs assistance please feel free to call our office and we will contact the proper person to help you.

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I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Stephanie and her team for over 20 years. They are absolutely the best in Jacksonville. Every time I have needed special help they have been very fast and attentive. When I needed a new auto insurance policy I simply called the office and everything was done in one phone call.

Frank Santagato

Auto Insurance Buyer, Action Home Pro

I have had my car insurance and my house insurance with Stephanie’s office for over 10 years and they have been amazing to work with. Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and always treats me like they really care. One thing that really impresses me is that most of the same staff have been there the entire time I’ve been a client. I recommend this Agency often!


Sarah Collier

Hands down, the best auto insurance company in Jacksonville. I have 5 vehicles in my family and a boat. I have shopped pricing a few times but have NEVER left Stephanie. The reason… she is the best and her team of Ladies are fast and very responsive. I have contact the “Cheap car insurance companies” in the past and the first thing I noticed was NO customer service at all. I will not buy my insurance any where else. Michael Listner

As a college student out on my own, I was kinda forced to go get my own car insurance. When I walked into Stephanie’s office I felt like I was with friends. Although going out on my own was a little scary, the entire staff always makes me feel welcomed. So far I’ve had no incidents but I also know if I do, Stephanie and her team will be right there to help me. Thank you ladies!! Rachel Z.

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