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Why Choose Ando Insurance for Your Home, Condo or Renters Policy?

 Homeowners Insurance Policies

Those who own a home are generally required to carry homeowners insurance. Such a policy protects against damage to the home as well as provides liability protection in the event that someone gets hurt on the homeowner’s property.

The Advantages of Home Insurance

If a home is destroyed by a fire or items are taken during a burglary, an insurance policy may be able to help pay for anything that is damaged or stolen. Those who are in a flood prone area may need to purchase additional flood insurance or customize their policies to ensure the most comprehensive coverage.

What Types of Coverage Are There?

A homeowner may purchase a policy that covers either the actual cash value of the home or the amount needed to rebuild the home. Additionally, those with a home office can purchase coverage to protect against a client or customer getting hurt on the premises. This may help a sole proprietor from losing his or her home or other property in a business lawsuit.

The Major Benefits of Home Insurance

The biggest benefit to this kind of insurance is the fact that the investment made in a home is protected. Another benefit is that it can be bundled with other insurance policies to help a homeowner save on home, auto and even life insurance. Doing so may provide a large safety net for everything that the owner deems to be important.

Who Is This Policy For?

This type of policy is for anyone who has a mortgage or is otherwise financing their home. A lender is going to want to see that their investment is protected in the event that something happens to the house that may discourage a homeowner from continuing to repay the loan.

Purchasing an insurance policy for a home is a smart and often times necessary decision. Doing so enables the homeowner to stay financially protected regardless of what may happen to the property or anything inside of the home itself.


Homeowners Protection

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In Jacksonville and Florida specifically, everything is changing with homeowners insurance. New catastrophic deductibles that may reach 10% of the value of a home, denial of claims due to improper care and maintenance by the homeowner, and even the inability to get any coverage due to prior history. Friends, homeowners and renters insurance is a serious matter and the ONLY way you can make an intelligent decision is by sitting down and comparing coverage and options with an experienced agent. Please feel free to call my office today and let’s get you covered.   

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